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Here at Sanctuary Spa, we want to change the way women think about self care. Gone are the unrealistic ideas of yoga retreats and that forever out-of-reach long, luxurious bubble bath, and in come those heavenly chunks of pure joy that anyone can experience. From 30 seconds of deep breathing to 5 minutes indulging in a spa-grade Sanctuary products.

Try our self-care challenge now & set 25 minutes aside - either all at once with our 25 minute routine Wellness Bundles - or moment by moment, to really make each second count towards a more cared-for body & mind.

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2 Day Long Lasting Moisture Shower Oil

Our self-care routine wouldn't be complete without counting in our ultra-luxurious & intensely hydrating Sanctuary Spa Shower Oil, a rich, nourishing combination of gold of pleasure oil & blend of omega’s 3, 6 & 9, which transforms from nourishing honey-like oil into delicately fragranced foam!

This opulent shower oil leaves your skin feeling cleansed, super soft, & moisturised for up to 2 days after just one use.

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Sanctuary Spa Body Butter 300ml

A signature staple, our luxurious Sanctuary Spa Body Butter is a blend of shea & cocoa butter, sweet almond & macadamia nut oil, which melts into the skin to leave it feeling instantly nourished, soft & smooth to touch. 

Wrap your body in waves of indulgent, buttery goodness and apply generously for a feeling of lasting hydration.

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Make It Count Bundle

RRP: £65.00

Out for the Count Bundle

RRP: £64.50

Count On Us Bundle

RRP: £72.00

Ultimate Relaxation Set

RRP: £42.50

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