Our Mission

The Value of Self-Care

Our Sanctuary Spa mission is to showcase a world in which everyone woman believes self-care isn’t optional and prioritises their wellbeing more often. While we all need self-care, women disproportionately cover the shared domestic and familial duties; and have a reduced leisure time in comparison to men. 

We want to focus our efforts on showcasing the value of self-care so everyone takes more time, and reduces the self-care gap between the time we want and the time we actually spend on self-care.

The Self-Care Gap

In a national survey, we found that 94% of UK women have felt the benefits of taking time-out for themselves with two-thirds saying they feel calmer and more relaxed, less stressed and anxious when they do.

However, our survey also revealed that 61% of UK women (aged 18-65) are, on average, only managing to spend 17 minutes and 7 seconds per day on themselves. When asked how much time they would ideally like to take for themselves, the average came back as 51 minutes and 9 seconds a day.

A definite self-care gap that we need to address.

Your Self-Care Sanctuary

Sanctuary’s heritage of self-care, and connotations of spa, is uniquely positioned to answer this and showcase how sanctuary helps find moments throughout your day to our brand belief that self-care is not optional.  We create luxurious self-care moments, and we are elevating that in a way that is forever achievable whilst aspirational but not completely out of reach.

Self-care is exclusive, desirable and unique to every individual. An extra-hot shower, an extra-long bath, an extra scoop of buttery goodness to soak into your skin. It’s time to give in to the sensorial pleasure of our indulgent products, close the door on the world and make the most of the precious time you have carved out for yourself.

Self-Care Is You. In Your Home. In Your Sanctuary.

Cutting through the overwhelming pressure-loaded tips, tricks and trends that promise to transform your health and wellbeing, we are celebrating that self-care is your business and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. We are making self-care exclusive, desirable and unique to every individual, including you.

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