How To Reuse Beauty Packaging

Feb 14, 2022 | Expert Advice

After purchasing your favourite beauty and skincare products, eco-conscious beauty lovers will relate to the dilemma of what to do with the empty, often very elaborate packaging. From pretty tins to handy dispensers, many of our favourite products actually come in reusable packaging. With these reusable packaging ideas, you can give your empties a new lease of life, while doing your bit to reduce landfill waste. Without further ado, here are our tips on  how to reuse your favourite Sanctuary Spa products and become more sustainable with your beauty shopping habits.

Sustainable Beauty: Reuse Packaging Instead Of Recycling

Recycling your beauty products can often seem like a minefield. There are so many different components when it comes to just one box or packet, that deciphering the recycle signs on packaging can be a little overwhelming. Also, bathroom products of this sort are often not accepted by many public recycling sites.


According to a study conducted for Zero Waste Week, the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging each year. Therefore, it is so important now more than ever, that we educate ourselves on which products we can recycle and do our little bit towards developing more sustainable packaging habits. Products that cannot be recycled, or are not recycled properly, end up in landfill, incinerated or as litter, therefore reusing packaging is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint and make use of something you already have. 


More for your money: reusable packaging reduces waste

As well as being good for the environment, reusable packaging is also good for your purse strings. For example, instead of forking out for new bathroom storage, simply follow our tips to see how you can repurpose your empty packaging. Coming up with inventive reusable packaging ideas isn’t just a fun activity, but is the perfect way to get more for your money and make the most out of what you already have! 

 How To Reuse Beauty Packaging

There are a number of ways that you can reuse your empty Sanctuary Spa products and packaging. Here are just a few of our favourite reusable packaging ideas:


Reuse tins and tubs for storage

Empty tubs are some of the easiest items to reuse, especially if they include a screw lid like the Creme Souffle or the Green Lemon And Orange Blossom Body Butter. As well as these products being luxurious and intensely moisturising, they are also super versatile once they have been used and cleaned out. 


Instead of getting rid of the empty packaging, these products can be reused to hold items like your makeup brushes or toothbrush.  Thanks to the screw lid, these empty products can also be used to keep your jewellery and other trinkets safe when travelling. Just pop your earrings, bangles and necklaces into the empty tub and screw the lid tight to keep all of your favourite pieces safe whilst you’re on the road. The perfect reusable packaging to keep your dressing table and your bathroom looking neat!


how to reuse packaging

Refill beauty spray bottles and reuse

This may seem obvious, but empty packaging is a great way to store your refillable beauty products. A spray bottle, like the fragranced body spray, can be reused to help with household jobs and cleaning. Once you have finished your product, ensure that you clean it out thoroughly before reusing it.


Homemade household cleaning products are becoming more popular because you can make up the mixture yourself and know every ingredient that is included, avoiding any nasty chemicals that can be hidden in standard shop-bought products. Our spray bottle is perfect for storing your own blend of household cleaning product. For example, mix water and vinegar together for a window cleaner or for an intense product to attack any mold or mildew.


Alternatively, fill your refillable beauty bottle with clean water and use it to either water your plants or to give yourself a refreshing spritz on hot days.


Expert Tip: Just remember to correctly relabel the packaging so you know what is inside and don’t have mix ups!


Keep your empties for your travels

Your empties are perfect for topping up with refillable beauty products to take on your travels, especially if you are only taking a carry on and your products need to be under 100ml. 

reuse of packaging


Our tips will help you get the most out of your reusable packaging and empties:

  • As usual, ensure that your product packaging is cleaned completely.
  • Reuse tubs like our mini body butter and fill with different moisturisers or hair conditioners.
  • Decant shampoo into an old hand wash or lotion container for easy application when showering.

Sanctuary Spa’s mini range of products is perfect for travelling as all of the products are under 100ml. Our body lotionbody butter and body scrub are the perfect travel companions, which means you can also take all of your favourite Sanctuary Spa products with you on your holiday.


Biscuit tin

If there’s one thing that you should always have in your kitchen cupboard, it is a pack of biscuits! They are the perfect snack, especially when dunked in a cup of tea, and great to share when you have friends over. A biscuit tin is essential to stop your open packet of biscuits from going soft – if they last that long!  Your new biscuit tin could be hiding among your empty Sanctuary Spa packaging.  Our lost in the moment pink and new mum box of treats gift sets are perfect for a pretty biscuit tin, thanks to their heart shape. Impress your guests with your lovely biscuit tin and give your empty packaging a new life.


Sewing kit

Every household needs a sewing kit and our love heart gift set boxes are perfect for storing needles, thread and other utensils. Spruce up your storage and keep your sewing kit organised by reusing your empty packaging.


Wash bag or makeup bag

Reusing instead of recycling packaging is easy when your favourite products come in a stylish, metallic pouch like our uplifting moments gift set. The pouch also includes a zip, so would make the perfect wash bag or makeup bag. The zip pouch is practical and the metallic rose gold material very on-trend –  the perfect addition to your beauty products.


Learning how to reuse packaging is a step in the right direction towards becoming an advocate for more eco-conscious and sustainable beauty. Think before you throw out. Your new storage, makeup bag or biscuit tin may just be hiding among all of your empty packaging ready to be repurposed.


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