Why Switch To Refillable Beauty Products?

Feb 16, 2022 | Products

For those of you looking to make the change to a more sustainable lifestyle, using eco-friendly toiletries is a great place to start. Sustainable living is all about keeping the waste we produce to a minimum, especially when it comes to plastics. By using a body wash or hand soap refill, you can reduce waste by reusing your favourite bottles and dispensers and simply topping them up with a hand wash refill pouch when you’re running low. 

Why Switch To Using Body And Hand Wash Refill Pouches?

From brushing our teeth to washing our hands, beauty products and toiletries are something that we all use every day. In most cases, plastic makes up the majority of the packaging of our favourite products.


Switching to toiletry refills reduces plastic waste

We hear lots about it in the media, but why is plastic bad for the environment? Plastic is long-lasting, durable and cheap to produce, making it the go-to material for many manufacturers. However, its durability means that plastic takes a very long time to break down – an estimated 450 years for some types!


refillable beauty products


Research carried out by the Plastic Free Challenge found that only 10-13% of plastic is recycled worldwide. All of this means that the plastic bottles, carrier bags and cutlery that we use for a short time and then throw away exist for far longer than we do, polluting our landscapes, oceans and wildlife.


To help tackle this plastic problem, we’ve made sure that our Vitamin C Shower GelBody Wash and Antibacterial Hand Soap refill pouches contain 80% less plastic compared to buying two 250ml bottles. 


Buying beauty refills is better value

As well as helping to protect the planet, using a hand soap refill can keep your bank balance looking healthier! Our Sanctuary Spa Antibacterial Hand Wash Refill and Body Wash Refill pouches contain the equivalent of 2 of our well-loved 250ml Hand Wash and Body Wash bottles for 75% of the price. With our refills, you can treat yourself to more of the same skin-nourishing formulas for a lower price – what’s not to love? 


About Our Refillable Beauty Products

To be part of the change when it comes to reducing plastic waste, we launched our first hand and body wash refill pouches last year. Full of the same skin-nourishing ingredients, they’re great for your skin, and even better for the planet!


Antibacterial Hand Soap Refill

Our Antibacterial Hand Wash is enriched with Aloe Vera and Mango to soothe, protect and hydrate hard-working hands. Fragranced with our signature notes of Bergamot, Citrus and Patchouli, our Hand Wash refill is a great way to add a little indulgence to your routine, while keeping hands protected against germs and reducing plastic waste. 


Classic Body Wash Refill

Packed with Essential Oils and nourishing Jojoba Beads, with our Body Wash Refill you can enjoy your favourite body care treat while reducing your environmental footprint. Perfect for your daily shower routine, skin is left feeling beautifully cleansed and hydrated. 


Vitamin C Shower Smoothie Body Wash Refill

An instant pick-me-up, our Vitamin C Shower Gel Refill contains a nourishing daily dose of Vitamin C, Caffeine, Turmeric, and gently exfoliating Natural Fruit Extracts. Expect softer and smoother skin, while a delicate Sweet Orange and Mirabelle Plum fragrance really awakens the senses. 


How To Use Our Refills

Setting up a refill station for your favourite refillable beauty products couldn’t be easier!


  • Step 1: Find a refillable soap dispenser or body wash bottle. This could be an empty Sanctuary Spa bottle, or any pretty dispenser that you have around the house! 
  • Step 2: Take the cap off your Body or Hand Wash refill pouch and carefully pour the contents into your refillable bottles. 
  • Step 3: Big enough for two bottle refills, once your dispenser is full, you can pop the refill pouch away until you need a top-up.


It really is as easy as that! So, why not give refillable beauty products a go? With our eco-friendly toiletries, you can help to protect the planet while pampering yourself – sounds good to us!



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