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Self Care: The Benefits Of A Hot Bath

hot bath benefits

Hot baths are the epitome of indulgence when it comes to relaxing at home, but there are lots of hot bath benefits for your health too! Discover all the benefits of baths and you’ll never think about compromising your nighttime bath ritual again.

Are Hot Baths Good For You?

Relaxing in a hot bath is not only good for your mind, but your body too. Now you have the perfect excuse to spend all night soaking in the tub thanks to these hot bath benefits.


hot bath benefits


Is sweating in the bath good for you?

We’ve all been there when the bath we’ve run is just a little too hot, causing you to break out in a sweat without even moving a muscle. But, good news: sweating in the bath does have some health benefits. While hot bath benefits don’t compare to a HIIT session, a good sweat in the bath can burn as many calories as a walk.

Does a hot bath help muscle recovery?

If your body is feeling stiff and tired for whatever reason, then a hot bath can help to relieve some tension. The heat from the water can help to encourage blood flow and fully relax your muscles. Next time you’ve trained hard in the gym and your muscles need a little TLC, do some stretching before luxuriating in a long bath.


Hot Bath Benefits

Find out about more benefits of baths, as if you need any more persuasion…

Elevate your mood

A bath is thought to be a mood booster because it raises the body temperature in the afternoon and in doing so helps to restore the normal circadian rhythm of temperature, which is helpful for people with depression as their body temperature is often disrupted. Baths also promote a better night’s sleep which is key for a more positive outlook and mood.


Quiets the mind

A hot bath is the perfect antidote to stress. Dedicate a portion of your evening to some much needed ‘me time’ soaking in the bath. Create the perfect atmosphere and fully unwind, letting go of all of your daily stresses.

For ultimate relaxation, add a few drops of wellness calming CBD oil to your bath. This aromatic fragrance is enriched with Vitamin E and Coconut Oil to help your mind and body relax. Step out of your bath and feel completely refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for a restful night’s sleep.

A ritual

Introduce a bath as part of your bedtime routine and make it a nightly ritual to enjoy a calming soak. Create a luxurious ritual and dedicate half an hour each evening to relaxing in a hot bath? Give your mind and body time to completely shut off and focus on your wellbeing.

hot bath benefits

Soothe sore muscles and joints

If you suffer from sore muscles and joints, then a hot bath can be a great reliever of any pain you may be experiencing. Add your favourite bath product like our luxury bath float and feel your tension dissipate.

Cleanses and moisturises skin

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of baths is that they are deeply cleansing. The higher temperature of the bath water causes your pores to open, allowing your skin to be properly cleansed.

Your choice of products can make bathtime all the more indulgent. Enjoy a bath in our soothing foaming bath soak that is enriched with Wheat Proteins and calming Aloe Vera. Full of nourishing creamy bubbles, this bath soak is gentle on your skin and will leave it feeling velvety smooth and soft.

Soothes skin

If you suffer from irritated skin, then a bath could be the medicine you need. Make sure the water is not too hot as this can aggravate any skin conditions. Instead, draw a bath with warm water and a combination of essential oils to help soothe any irritation you may have.


Relieves cold symptoms

When you are full of cold and can’t seem to shake it, it’s advised that you steam your face to relieve symptoms. A hot bath works the same way as steaming your face by alleviating cold symptoms such as blocked noses and bad coughs. Congestion occurs when your nasal passages become inflamed, but steam encourages the blood vessels in your face and nose to move which helps to dislodge any built-up mucus. Plus, a nice hot bath makes you feel better when you’re under the weather thanks to its relaxing properties.


Healthy heart

An important hot bath benefit is that, when enjoyed regularly, it can help to reduce high blood pressure. A regular warm bath can help prevent health conditions that stem from high blood pressure, such as a heart attack or a stroke, as the heat encourages better blood flow and circulation.


Reduces inflammation

We already know that a hot bath increases blood circulation, but another benefit of this is that it reduces inflammation. Adding Epsom salts to your bath helps to reduce inflammation in your body, and is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from pain in their joints due to arthritis or any other muscular diseases.


Promotes sleep

Soaking in a hot bath before bed can greatly improve your quality of sleep and enable you to drift off more quickly. A warm bath can help with your circadian clock by regulating your body temperature, thus allowing you to naturally drift off. Once your body temperature is raised over 38 degrees Celsius from your bath, then it has to decrease and it is this that mimics the natural fall in temperature that prepares your body for sleep.

How to create the perfect bath

hot bath benefits


Light some candles and make your bath that extra bit special by adding luxurious products to elevate your relaxation time. Add rose gold radiance exquisite bath salts to the water for a truly indulgent soak. Bathe in a shimmering tub full of mineral-rich bath salts, which will help to improve circulation, relax your mind and leave your skin feeling supple and soft.

Introduce taking a bath into your nighttime routine and enjoy the benefits of dedicating time to yourself to fully unwind. Bath time is the ultimate relaxation treat and essential for your wellbeing, so enjoy your soak – you deserve it.


Browse our full bathing range, and pick up everything you need to create a luxurious bathtime ritual.


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