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Aug 12, 2021 | Products

Are you looking for the perfect home fragrance? Transform your home into your very own sanctuary with the help of our luxurious Sanctuary Spa oud candles and reed diffusers. 


With an indulgent floral and woody scent, our oud scented candles and oud reed diffusers create the perfect tranquil environment to help you relax at the end of a long day. We explain what oud smells like and the benefits of using home fragrances. But first, let’s explore what base, mid and top notes are… 

What Are Base, Mid And Top Notes?

Base, mid and top notes, also known as the olfactory pyramid, are the three distinct elements of a fragrance that help to give it depth and balance. They’re also the reason why a scent changes over time. You may have noticed that after a few hours your perfume can smell quite different to when you first applied it!


candles and oud

What are top notes?

Top notes are usually the first thing you notice about a fragrance. They’re typically light and refreshing scents, such as Citrus or Bergamot.


What are mid notes?

Middle notes make up the body of a fragrance, helping to build complexity. They can consist of anything from warming Rose or Tea Tree to soft Chamomile.


What are base notes?

Base notes are considered to be the foundation of any fragrance. Often slower to develop than lighter top and middle notes, they usually consist of rich aromas like Musk and Patchouli.


What Does Oud Smell Like?

As you’ll know if you’ve ever had oud candles and oud reed diffusers at home, Oud is a wonderfully indulgent, rich fragrance. It comes from the Agar tree, typically grown in South East Asia, which makes it a rare and luxurious ingredient. Complex base, middle and top notes work together to produce a distinctive scent that is simultaneously floral, woody and sweet.


The fragrance of our Sanctuary Spa Luxury Oud Candle and Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser has a delicate top note of Golden Saffron. White Floral and Rose middle notes hold the intricate scent together, while base notes of decadent Musk and Sweet Amber create an underlying indulgence and warmth.


Candles And Oud

Our Luxury Oud Candle is the perfect way to infuse your home with a bit of decadence. Using a home fragrance not only indulges the senses, but also has a relaxing effect, helping to create a spa-like environment at home.


How to get the most out of your oud candle

Follow these 3 tips to keep your oud candle burning better for longer:

  1. When using your candle for the first time, burn for at least 2 hours to make sure the wax burns evenly across the surface.
  2. Trim the wick regularly to about 5mm to ensure a clean burn and make your candle last longer.
  3. Don’t leave your candle burning for more than 4 hours as this can cause smoke and tunnelling.

If you are experimenting with candles and home fragrance for the first time, why not try our Sanctuary Spa Candle Trio? Perfect for turning your home into your very own sanctuary, you can experiment with different fragrances in different rooms. Discover your favourite scent and see if you can work out the base, middle and top notes for yourself!


Oud Scented Reed Diffuser

Our Luxury Oud Reed Diffuser is a great way to keep your home smelling wonderful all the time. The porous reeds absorb the fragranced oil and gently diffuse the aroma, infusing your home with a little oud-scented luxury.


How to use a reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are easy to use and perfect for introducing some low-maintenance indulgence into the home. Simply remove the stopper, place the reeds in the oil, and enjoy. Remember to spread the reeds out and turn them over regularly to ensure even diffusion.


Why not experiment with home fragrances and create your very own sanctuary? Create the perfect relaxation experience with our luxurious oud scented candles and oud reed diffusers.


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