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What Is The Skin Microbiome?

skin microbiome

Have you heard of a ‘skin microbiome’? Consisting of healthy bacteria, this protective layer on the surface of your skin is the key to a beautiful-looking complexion. We talk you through everything you need to know about your skin microbiome.

What Is The Skin Microbiome?

Let’s start with the basics: what is the skin microbiome? In much the same way as your gut is full of healthy bacteria, your skin is home to billions of friendly living microorganisms. This invisible ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and fungi is known as your skin microbiome or skin flora.

Why Is Your Skin Microbiome Important?


what is the skin microbiome


Healthy and essential for your skin, all of these organisms make an important contribution to keeping your complexion looking and feeling its best. Your skin flora helps to:

  • Protect your skin from external aggressors
  • Keep your skin barrier strong
  • Maintain your skin’s healthy pH levels

What Harms Your Skin Microbiome?

The incredible thing about your skin flora is that it is personal to you. It is dictated by your genetics, age, gender and the environment you live in. However, there are universal factors that harm everyone’s skin flora. The culprits include high levels of pollution, UV rays and harsh cleansing products.

How To Keep Your Skin Microbiome Healthy

The key to preserving your microbiome is to prevent as much damage as possible, and reverse it when it does occur.


what is the skin microbiome


1. Swap harsh soaps for gentle cleansers

Harsh soaps and cleansers can strip your skin of its natural oils, dehydrate your complexion and destabilise your healthy pH levels – all of which harm your skin flora. Avoid using harsh products where possible and instead, opt for skin-friendly washes that are full of soothing and moisturising ingredients. The aim is to cleanse your skin without dehydrating it.


Therapist’s Tip: Our Moisture Burst Facial Wash is gentle enough for everyday use. It blends Jojoba beads, moisturising Almond Oil and gentle cleansing actives to refresh your skin without stripping it of its healthy oils and bacteria.

2. Rebalance your skin

To protect your skin and body, your microbiome is naturally a harsh and acidic environment with a pH level between 5 and 6 (1 being the most acidic and 14 the least). However, there are many factors (including pollution and harsh products) that harm those acidity levels, increasing your pH and decreasing your skin’s ability to protect itself. As such, the bad bacteria start to overpower the good, causing sensitivity, irritation and inflammation. To prevent this from happening, you should always rebalance your skin after cleansing. A toner is recommended for this.


Therapist’s Tip: Our Daily Glow Radiance Tonic is infused with soothing and toning Liquorice to recondition your skin after cleansing.

3. Lock in moisture

As your body is 60% water, it should come as no surprise that not drinking enough dries out your skin flora and affect its performance. It’s important that you drink plenty of water and use products that are rich in Hyaluronic Acid to draw moisture into your skin to rehydrate it.


Therapist’s Tip: Our Supercharged Hyaluronic Face & Neck Crème is filled with Hyaluronic Acid to instantly replenish your skin’s moisture levels and restore its defences.

4. Protect it from pollution

Pollution also has a negative impact on your microbiome. It can cause inflammation and increase the rate of sebum excretion (i.e. the amount of excess and unwanted oil your skin produces). To prevent this, consider incorporating an antioxidant-rich formula into your skincare routine. This will protect your complexion against free radical damage.


Therapist’s Tip: Our Hyaluronic Wonder Oil Serum is formulated with (among an array of other skin-loving ingredients) antioxidant-rich Pomegranate Seed Oil to protect against the visible effects of pollution.

5. Don’t forget the sunscreen

As you now know, genetics play an important role in dictating what your healthy skin microbiome looks like. What you may not realise though, is that overexposure to the sun can affect the structure of your cells and alter your cellular DNA. Naturally, this destabilises your skin flora too. Therefore, using an SPF every day to shield your complexion from UV rays is essential.


Therapist’s Tip: Our Protect and Illuminate SPF15 Moisture Lotion boasts an SPF complex that shields your skin from sun damage. Layer it over our Hyaluronic Wonder Oil Serum for maximum skin protection.

6. Repair damage

Regardless of your good intentions, you’re unlikely to protect your skin microbiome from all damage. However, you can nurse your skin back to health at the end of the day by applying a nourishing oil and leaving it to work its magic overnight. Look for products that reverse damage, restore your skin barrier and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Therapist’s Tip: Our 10-in-1 Super Secret Facial Oil boasts a non-greasy, lightweight formula that renews and moisturises your skin. It’s infused with brightening Pomelo and Vitamins to reverse the effects of daily pollution, intensely nourish your skin, improve the look of fine lines, and protect your skin’s natural barrier function.

Balancing the delicate environment that lives on your skin isn’t as complicated as it sounds – and it can do wonders for your complexion. Just follow our advice and you’ll notice remarkable changes in your skin.


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