What Is The Best Cleanser For My Skin Type?

May 1, 2020 | Products

From foam and gel to oil and cream, there are a range of cleansers out there – but which one is right for you? Read our guide to discover the best cleanser for your skin type –  whether you have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin.

The Best Cleanser For Dry Skin

Dry skin can often feel tight, stretched, itchy or flaky, and needs a lot of moisture to help soothe it.  However, cleansing can often strip the skin, leaving it even drier than before. So, it’s best to use a hydrating cleanser that will help the skin to retain moisture.


skin type cleanser


Face wash for dry skin

We recommend the Sanctuary Spa Moisture Burst Facial Wash. Bursting with hydrating Jojoba Beads, moisturising Almond Oil and gentle Cleansing Actives, it washes away dirt, impurities and makeup. Skin is left feeling beautifully cleansed, with a fresh, dewy glow.


Cleanser for dry skin

Alternatively, try the Sanctuary Spa Melt Away Cleansing Oil. Not only is it formulated with gentle Cleansing Actives that melt away makeup and dirt, but it’s infused with a nourishing blend of Oils and Vitamin E. These key ingredients help to strengthen the skin barrier, allowing skin to retain water and stay hydrated for longer.


Therapist’s Tip: After cleansing, apply a deeply hydrating face cream infused with Hyaluronic Acid. This will bind water molecules to the skin, locking in hydration.


The Best Cleanser For Oily And Combination Skin

For oily skin, we recommend opting for a cleanser formulated with oil-absorbing ingredients that help to reduce shine, such as charcoal.


skin type cleanser


Is charcoal good for oily skin?

Charcoal works like a magnet, drawing out impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells from deep within your pores. It also helps to wash away makeup, dirt and oil on the skin’s surface, working to reduce shine.


What is the best charcoal cleanser?

Our Warming Charcoal Detox Wash is a purifying, non-drying and warming daily face wash. Combining detoxifying Charcoal with calming Chamomile Oil, it draws out impurities and leaves skin feeling soothed. Its unique formula transforms from a refreshing gel, to a silky oil, to a purifying foam, helping to unclog pores, reduce shine and remove excess oil for a smoother and clearer-looking complexion.


The Best Cleanser For Dull Skin

skin type cleanser


If your skin lacks radiance, try using an exfoliating cleanser that washes away daily grime, while also promoting skin cell renewal. The Sanctuary Spa Triple Cleansing Mousse is a great choice!


This daily foaming face wash works on three levels:

  • AHAs help to loosen dead skin cells that have settled on the skin’s surface.
  • Micro Fine Exfoliating Powder scrubs away those dead cells, to reveal the fresh, glowing skin beneath.
  • Gentle Cleansing Actives remove dirt, impurities and makeup to leave skin feeling soft and cleansed.

Simply massage onto damp skin, wash off, and admire your fresh, radiant complexion!


The Best Cleanser For Sensitive Skin


skin type cleanser


If your skin is prone to irritation, redness and sensitivity, we recommend using a gentle foaming cleanser that lifts away impurities and doesn’t require scrubbing. Opt for formulas infused with calming and soothing ingredients that are kind to skin, like our Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water.


While the Micelles act like magnets to gently lift away dirt and makeup, soothing Rose Water and nourishing Argan Oil help to reduce irritation and calm redness. Simply apply one pump onto a cotton pad or reusable makeup wipe, then sweep across the face and eyes. Expect skin to feel cleansed and refreshed.


Therapist’s Tip: To prevent irritation, dry sensitive skin by carefully dabbing it with a towel.


A skincare routine should always be tailored to your skin type – and that starts with using the correct cleanser. Treating specific skin concerns will result in a clearer and healthier-looking complexion. Explore our full range of cleansers on our website.


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