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Your 5-Minute Self Care Routine

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Here at Sanctuary Spa, we believe that a good self care routine shouldn’t cost the earth or take hours of your time. To prove this, we’ve put together 5 simple 5-minute self care ideas to inspire you to take some time for yourself whenever you have a spare moment or two. 

What Is Self Care?

First things first, what is self care? Often unrealistic visions of decadent spa retreats and expensive massages spring to mind. However, self care can be as easy as soaking in a hot bath or lighting a luxurious candle and taking a minute to process how your day has gone. Put simply, self care is anything that allows you to focus on yourself for a few precious moments. Whether you have 5 minutes, 25 minutes or 5 hours, there are plenty of self care tips you can try to boost your mood and wellbeing. 

Why Is Self Care Important?

Self care is often overlooked or forgotten in our busy lives. However, taking a moment for yourself is really important for boosting your mood, increasing self-esteem and allowing you to unwind. Establishing a regular self care routine can help to prevent burn-out, support your emotional wellbeing and even improve sleep quality. 


Self Care Ideas

We’ve put together 5 simple 5-minute self care ideas to help you introduce a little me-time into your daily routine.


Self care ideas


1. Transform your morning shower with opulent shower oil

Why not turn your morning rinse into a luxury experience with a spa-grade shower oil? Perfect for those of you with a tight schedule, this self care tip doesn’t require any extra time at all. Simply replace your usual shower gel with a decadent oil, like our 2 Day Long Lasting Moisture Shower Oil. Its delightful scent, with top notes of Bergamot and Citrus, will ensure that you start your day with a positive mindset. Meanwhile, Gold of Pleasure Oil and a blend of nourishing Omegas will leave your skin moisturised and super soft. 


If you’ve got an extra minute to spare, massage a generous handful of Sanctuary Spa Body Butter into the skin after your shower. It contains a sumptuous blend of Sweet Almond and Macademia Nut Oils to leave skin feeling silky smooth. In just 5 minutes, you’ll have that luxury spa feeling for a fraction of the time and cost. 

2. Apply a 5-Minute Face Mask

Whether you’re in the bath, watching TV or even waiting for the oven to heat up, there are plenty of opportunities in the day to grab 5 minutes to apply a face mask.


Spread an even layer of our 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask over your face to feel the relaxing benefits of warming Charcoal. Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oils and draws out impurities and dirt from deep within the pores while Myrrh Oil soothes skin to leave it silky-soft. Rinse after 5 minutes to reveal a detoxified, rejuvenated complexion. 

3. Treat yourself to a decadent candle gift set

A luxury scented candle is a fabulous way to add a little indulgence to the everyday. Lighting an aromatic candle while you’re reading, in the bath or even finishing a few emails can make the most ordinary experience feel a bit more special.


Light a Sanctuary Spa candle and take a few deep breaths to enjoy some relaxing aromatherapy benefits. Our Candle Trio Gift Set contains 3 tempting fragrances. Try them all and find your favourite!

4. Relax with CBD Oil

CBD oil is a self care favourite thanks to its calming and de-stressing properties. Before bed, or whenever you feel anxious or tense, take 5 minutes to massage a little Calming CBD Oil into your pressure points and inhale deeply. Behind the ears, the temples and the insides of your wrists are all good pressure points to try.


Alternatively, add a few drops to your bath or shower and breathe deeply to feel the relaxational benefits of our Calming CBD Oil’s mood-enhancing Jasmine, Patchouli and Frankincense fragrance. 

5. Start a self care night routine for better sleep

Taking 5 minutes before bed to practice a few self care tips can really help to set you up for a more restful night’s sleep.


Before you climb into bed, massage tired limbs with our De-Stress Warming Body Balm to relax tight and aching muscles. This self-heating balm alleviates tension, locks in moisture and is infused with aromatic Ginger and Rosemary Oil to help you drift off effortlessly.


After you’ve applied your Warming Balm, generously spritz your face, body and pillow with our Wellness Sleep Mist. Its mood-enhancing Jasmine, Patchouli and Frankincense fragrance will improve the quality of your sleep while ensuring that you wake up feeling positive and ready for the day. 

So, what is self care? Hopefully now you can see that it doesn’t have to mean unattainable spa holidays and thirty-step facials. No matter how busy your calendar is, anyone can find a little time to try one of our 5-Minute self care ideas. Why not give it a go and start your own 5-minute self care routine today?


If you’re feeling inspired, take a look at our This Counts self care campaign. Give yourself some TLC, you deserve it!


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