What Does Face Toner Do?

May 7, 2021 | Skincare 101

Loved by skincare experts and beauty enthusiasts, face toner can significantly improve your skin – but what is face toner exactly? And what does face toner do for your skin? We explain everything you need to know…

What Is Face Toner?

Face toner is a water-based solution that’s applied after cleansing but before serums and creams. In the past, toner was designed to remove excess oil from the skin and help treat acne. However, its high alcohol content often left skin dry and prone to irritation.


Today, though, toner has come a long way. It gently removes traces of dirt, but mainly serves to soothe, brighten and replenish the skin after cleansing.

What Does Face Toner Do?

Removes impurities

Face toner not only removes remaining traces of dirt and makeup, but sweeps away dust, pollution and impurities that might otherwise clog the pores. It also helps to tighten the pores, preventing future congestion.


Rebalances the skin

While some face washes can upset the pH of the skin (did someone say dryness and irritation?), toners help to rebalance the skin after cleansing, leaving it feeling soothed and refreshed.


Prepares skin for next steps

While serums may plump and firm, and moisturisers may hydrate and protect, neither of these products can work efficiently unless the skin is first primed. Applying a toner prepares the skin for the next step of your skincare routine by creating a smooth, clean surface that can easily absorb the nutrients in your creams and serums.

How To Apply Toner

Toners should always be applied after cleansing but before using moisturiser or serum. Dispense onto a cotton pad, then gently sweep across the nose, forehead, cheeks, chin, and above the mouth. Wait two minutes, then follow up with a face serum and moisturiser.

How Often Should You Use Toner?

Toners should be used day and night after cleansing. Most toners are gentle enough for daily use, but remember to check the packaging first.

The Best Toner For Face

Our Daily Glow Radiance Tonic is one of the best toners for all skin types. Formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid, soothing Licorice, brightening Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), and conditioner Witch Hazel, it helps to exfoliate pores, accelerate cell renewal, and even skin tone for a naturally brighter, more radiant-looking complexion. It’s the perfect toner to use morning and night to leave skin feeling firm and intensely conditioned.


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