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Home Spa Ideas: How To Create The Perfect Home Spa Day

Home Spa Ideas: How To Create The Perfect Home Spa Day

You don’t need to go to a pricey spa to benefit from relaxing skincare treatments. You can find everything you need to pamper yourself at home in the Sanctuary Spa collection. Finding a little time to look after yourself can be a challenge, but the rewards are more than worth the effort. Below, we walk you through the process of organising your home spa day. Let’s get relaxing! 


Set the Scene for your Home Spa Day

A true spa day is just as much about the relaxing ambience as it is the treatments. While the massages, facials and steamy water may be the main attraction, professional spas also put a considerable amount of time, money and resources into creating the perfect environment in which to unwind and relieve some of that stress. 

Consequently, you should spend a little time thinking about how you can make your home spa day as relaxing as possible. Here are a few ideas to help you out. 


Create the ultimate bath shelf

Getting relaxed is all about settling in, ensuring you have all you need within reach and letting your mind wander. That means planning ahead and preparing the bath for the ultimate unwinding experience. 


While you can always keep your DIY spa day supplies on a small side table next to the bath, you’ll still have to sit up and reach for your glass of wine, treatments or book. For a premium home spa day, try a bath shelf. Lying over your body and across the bath, a shelf keeps everything within easy reach and ensures you barely need to move to enjoy your spa supplies. 


Select soothing scents

Your sense of smell plays a vital role in relaxing the body and mind. That’s why spas focus so much on fragrances. For an authentic home spa day, we’d recommend investing in scented candles to create relaxing vibes. Our Candle Trio Gift is a great way to set the scene and contains three separate scents, all of which are designed to calm both body and mind. 

Tranquil tunes

For full relaxation, it’s necessary to work on all the senses. Having already sorted the pleasant aroma in the room, it’s time to tackle music. This means finding some tranquil tunes and ambient sounds and incorporating them into your home spa day experience. 


Listening to relaxing music boasts several remarkable benefits. It can evoke positive emotions, decrease pain perception, improve brain function, reduce stress and help you focus.  


So, make yourself a DIY spa day playlist or find some ambient, natural sounds and fully unwind with some chilled tunes. 


Sip a calming drink

Everyone’s idea of a relaxing time is different. This is exemplified by the small choices we make. For instance, some people enjoy nothing more than a warming herbal tea. Chamomile is particularly good at relieving anxiety. 


On the other hand, you may find that a glass of fizz or a chilled white wine is more your style. In which case, go for it! Your home spa day is all about what helps you relax. 


You may want to consider taking a little bit of time before you start your spa day to prepare yourself and begin to unwind. This could involve meditation or reading and can be accompanied by your calming drink of choice. Giving yourself a short period before starting your DIY spa day replicates an authentic spa’s relaxation room and puts you in the right frame of mind.  

At-Home Spa Treatments

Once you’ve got the environment perfectly organised, arranged and set up, it’s time to think about the treatments. Of course, you can always just kick back in a warm, soapy bath. However, if you want a real home spa day experience, preparing a few treatments is an excellent idea. 


Personalise your home spa treatments

Rejuvenating home spa treatments are all about making the best of what you have. Some people will have access to a bath and prefer to sit and soak for hours on end. Others will only have access to a shower or prefer to apply treatments under running water, with complete control over temperature and the ability to switch from hot to cold at a moment’s notice. 


It’s also essential to consider time. Are you restricted to an hour, or do you have the whole day? The great thing about our home pampering ideas is that you can tailor them to your schedule, personal preferences and available equipment and facilities. Now nothing is stopping you from enjoying the calming effects of some proper “you-time.”   


Rejuvenating exfoliation

When it comes to applying treatments, always begin with an exfoliator. Exfoliators remove dry and dead skin and cleanse the pores of impurities, toxins and pollutants, allowing other treatments to sink deeper into the skin and to work their magic. Think of it as laying the foundations for all the relaxation that’s to come! 


To exfoliate, you can take one of two approaches – mechanical or chemical. 

  • Mechanical exfoliation – Employs a brush, scrub, glove or sponge to remove dead skin and unclog pores. 
  • Chemical exfoliation – Utilises substances such as AHAs and BHAs to break down the bonds that keep dead skin and skin cells on the skin, allowing them to be washed away. 

Both approaches have their advantages, but mechanical exfoliation is sometimes preferred because of the way it improves circulation and allows for enhanced lymphatic drainage. It’s also important to be gentle with your skin and to finish up exfoliating by washing with lukewarm water. 


For a full guide to exfoliation, check out our How to Exfoliate blog post. If you’re looking for an excellent exfoliator that works well with all types of skin, take a look at our indulgent Salt Scrub. 

At home facial

A facial can be the perfect treatment for a home spa day. Easy to apply, beneficial for the skin and supremely relaxing, it’s one of our favourite home pampering ideas. Below we walk you through each of the four stages involved in an at-home facial.  


Remember – always tailor your treatments to your skin type. Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin affects what products you use and how you apply them. 


Give yourself a facial massage as you cleanse

First things first, make sure you remove any makeup before starting the facial. This allows any products you use to get to work on the skin without interference. Once you’re ready, begin gently massaging the face as you cleanse.  


This benefits the skin by working the cleanser into the pores, improving circulation and helping to drain the lymphatic nodes – all of which should leave your skin looking clearer and help give you a wonderful natural glow. 



As we’ve already mentioned, one of the key benefits of using an exfoliator is that it allows other products to penetrate deep into the skin and cleanse more effectively. If you’re looking for suitable exfoliators, check out two of our favourites – Complexion Perfecting Radiance Exfoliator and Warming Micro-Dermabrasion Refining Polish. When it comes to revitalising home spa treatments, they’re difficult to beat. 

Apply a face mask

Face masks provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs and often help remove impurities and toxins from the pores. Due to the way they’re left on the face for a while – allowing you to relax while they work their magic – they make for the perfect home spa treatment. 


They’re also a great idea if you’re just kicking back and reading a book or watching some TV. Though a hot and steamy bath may help set the mood, it’s by no means necessary.  


When using face masks, it’s good practice to match the product to your skin type. If you have sensitive or oily skin, the 5 Minute Thermal Charcoal Detox Mask is a great idea, as it removes oils without drying the skin. Alternatively, the Green Smoothie Recharge Mask contains a fantastic blend of superfoods, giving dry skin a healthy glow. 

Take time to moisturise

When using any facial treatments, there’s a good chance your skin will dry out a little. It’s completely natural and something that’s easily remedied. All you need to do is massage in some hydrating moisturiser at the end of the facial. 


We would recommend the Hyaluronic Wonder Oil Serum for normal or combination skin and the Supercharged Hyaluronic Face and Neck Crème for those with dry skin.

Soak in a relaxing bath

The phenomenal healing and relaxing effects of a simple bath are often underestimated. Soaking for a short while in hot water helps in the following ways: 

  • Releases endorphins 
  • Increases blood flow to the skin 
  • Relaxes breathing by increasing lung capacity 
  • Relaxes the muscles 

There’s also convincing evidence that bathing can reduce the risk of heart attacks, reduce blood pressure and boost your immune system. 


To help you achieve maximum relaxation, we’d suggest adding a little Luxury Bath Float to the water for foamy bubbles and some Rose Gold Radiance Exquisite Bath Salt for mineral-rich skin treatment. 

Rinse off in a steam shower

After a long soak and having applied your treatments, it’s always a good idea to refresh and wash everything away with a shower. While most people opt for a hot and steamy shower due to the way it opens and flushes the pores, a cold shower can be wonderfully awakening, too.  


If you want to get really relaxed, add some Wellness Calming CBD Oil and de-stress entirely. 

Apply moisturiser

After your shower, the next step is to moisturise. This is key, so don’t skip this vital step. Moisturisers rehydrate the skin, giving you a natural glow and making your skin appear more plump and healthy. All you need to do is gently work the product into the skin, letting it absorb all that moisture as you do.  


For real luxury, try our moisturising Body Butter. If you’re interested in formulations that can be applied to wet skin, take a look at our Ultra Rich Wet Skin Moisture Miracle. It helps lock in moisture, giving you a fresher, hydrated look for longer. 

Wrap up in a cosy dressing gown

To finish up your home spa treatments, just make yourself comfortable. While we recommend wrapping yourself in a super fluffy, cosy dressing gown, do whatever makes you feel most relaxed! 

Quick Ways to Pamper at Home

We don’t always have the time to organise a full home spa day, but you can still take a little time to pamper yourself if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Below we take a look at two quick and easy home spa treatments that require next to no time at all. 


Give yourself a home manicure and pedicure

A quick manicure and pedicure can go a long way to making you feel more relaxed and ready for anything the day throws your way. While trimming and filing your nails are best done immediately after a bath or shower, you can paint your nails any time. As a result, it’s a great way to spend a little time on yourself when you’re up against a busy schedule. 


Give your hands and feet some TLC

Despite being the two parts of the body that take the biggest pounding, we often neglect our hands and feet. However, if they’re to serve us well, a little TLC is essential. Try our Hand Cream for a sweet-smelling home treatment that leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth. Alternatively, our Moisture Rich Foot Butter works wonders for your feet. 

How to Finish your Home Spa Day

At the end of your home spa day, it’s a good idea to try and maintain your relaxed state of mind for as long as possible. If you can, don’t rush into other activities and avoid those things that re-introduce anxieties into your life. For many people, this means avoiding your mobile phone, TV and computer screens. Why not read or try meditation instead? 


For a range of products that can help you keep body and mind relaxed and rejuvenated, explore our selection of Wellness skincare products. 


A DIY spa day lets you set aside some time that’s exclusively for you. Having that time to look after your body, skin, and mind is essential if you’re to reduce stress and anxiety. After indulging in a spa day you will feel relaxed and prepared you for all the challenges you face every day.  


So, don’t worry about going to an expensive treatment centre. Stay at home and pamper yourself! 


For a full list of home spa treatment products browse our body care products and pick up everything you need to unwind in the comfort of your own home.  

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