Explore our new relaxation range, consisting of hand-picked, bespoke wellness products to help calm, de-stress and significantly improve sleep and mood.

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Sleep mist

Spritz over body, face and pillow to reset your healthy sleep-wake pattern helping you and your skin get the most out of your sleep.

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De-stress salts

Wellness De-Stress Bath Salts with magnesium to help soothe tired & aching muscles, combined with our scientifically proven fragrance helping you to relieve stress, unwind & relax.

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Calming oil

This multi-tasking bath, shower and body CBD oil will help you to de-stress and calm. Delivering an aromatic, mood-patented fragrance proven to improve, your sleep 84% of users agreed the scent deeply relaxed their body & mind after just one use*.

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De-stress balm

This rich, moisturising and self-heating body balm formula is infused with fragrant ginger and rosemary oil to help you ease the day away.

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