Amanda From Croydon

When did you start using Sanctuary and what was your first product?

Christmas 2011: I was gifted Sanctuary’s wash set from my mother-in-law which contained the classic scent of body wash, body scrub and body lotion. The first time I tried Sanctuary’s classic body wash I absolutely fell in love with it! 9 years later and I am still loving Sanctuary’s luxurious products!

How much ‘me’ time do you get and how do you like to spend it?

I am a new Mum now and ‘me’ times come a lot rarer than before when I had more time to indulge in self-care. After some time, I have got to grips of available ‘me’ times and use them to my best advantage! I use products that are so simple to use yet leave lasting effects on my skin & sense of happiness.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would you say to her?

One piece of advice I would give is… take your time.
Since becoming a Mum I realise how precious time was before; you never realise how much time you have until you have a baby. Now my time is juggled between feeds, washing, naps, playtime, cooking, cleaning, a moment of self care & so on. Younger Self, you have so much more time to take things slow and enjoy; have a long bath, read a book, be with family & friends, learn something new such as crochet or play the guitar. Take your time, enjoy your time.

What’s your secret to a work/life balance?

Sometimes being a stay-at-home Mum can be a bit of a struggle and pressure in balancing between caring & giving your undivided attention to your baby at the same time as keeping on top of the cooking, cleaning, washing etc.. I always set myself a daily little to-do list, just small achievements to set for the day. I always feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day once housework is done and I’ve had the best time with my little one. It’s important not to stress and worry about not completing daily tasks, you can only do so much and be proud of what you have achieved, not matter how small it is.

What is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book to date has to be ‘Your Baby, Your Birth’ by Hollie de Cruz. It is an absolutely wonderful book that I recommend to any expectant & new Parent. It is full of easy to understand information about the build up to & the entire birth of your baby. Hollie specialises in Hypnobirthing which is becoming an increasingly popular method of relaxation through pregnancy and even birth. I felt I learnt so so much from this book and learnt many techniques and affirmations to get through the whole labour process. I believe the way I handled my birth may have been very different if I didn’t read this book. It helped me to feel prepared and empowered!

What is your favourite Sanctuary product and how does a pamper with it make you feel?

Without a doubt, my absolute favourite product amongst many is.. Wet Skin Moisture Miracle! It is an absolute game changer for someone who is a bit more pressed on time when getting ready. Sanctuary’s Wet Skin Moisture Miracle works like a normal moisturiser that you apply after drying off from the shower, except you apply the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle whilst skin is wet & before drying, its as quick & as simple as that! This product works wonders on my skin and leaves it feeling incredibly soft and beautifully scented all day long! It’s perfect for when the baby naps or they are sat babbling away in their activity centre in the bathroom while you have the quickest shower of your life. This product makes me feel like I’ve given myself that bit of daily luxury and it’s even better that you can get the Wet Skin Moisture Miracle in different scents to enjoy!

What is your number 1 beauty secret?

My top secret I will give you is…pair products! Find that perfect pair that your skin feels the best in! For me, my top pairing is using Sanctuary’s Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water to cleanse my skin; it is so gentle and soothing with rose oil and nourishing argan oil, paired with Sanctuary’s Hyaluronic Wonder Oil Serum to help hydrate my skin. These two make a great pair!

Name one thing you are grateful for today:

I am truly grateful for being blessed with my happy & healthy Daughter. I couldn’t imagine life before without her, she is my everything.

What is your ultimate Selfish Sanctuary moment?*

When the husband is at home with our baby girl, I make the most of having a long, hot shower or bath with my absolute favourite Sanctuary products and a cheeky glass of vino!

Amanda from Croydon
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