Jojoba beads

The term ‘beads’ can be controversial in beauty as when they are often spoken about, it’s with messages of plastic beads that do not dissolve and harm our environment, but the Jojoba kind are thankfully completely different! Jojoba is a plant native to North America, which has a wax like texture that can be moulded into little balls.
Jojoba Beads

Jojoba beads are of course environmentally friendly and Sanctuary are very proudly micro bead free. We include these fab Jojoba Beads in some of our products to help gently exfoliate the skin, they are ideal for people whose skin a little more sensitive and they pop and disperse on contact with the skin. At Sanctuary, we are often asked about these little pops of goodness, so when you do see these beads in our Body Wash & Moisture Burst Facial Wash – rest assured they are naturally sourced jojoba beads to enhance your pampering experience!

NB: If anyone asks you how to pronounce this word (which we are also asked a lot), it’s ‘ho-ho-ba’.